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Scott Turbon Mixer Inline Mixing: HSP/HSM Series

Consistently mix, blend, disperse, hydrate, de-agglomerate, and emulsify with Scott Turbon’s line of inline mixers. The line of inline mixers technology allows users to change work-heads, and even mechanical seal arrangements, without having to buy new equipment, making these simple to clean units.
These mixers can be used in a single pass arrangement or a recirculation loop depending on the application. Additionally, these mixers will self-pump on many products thus eliminating a transfer or circulation pump.

High Shear Pump (HSP): High flow design & self-pumping.

High Shear Mill (HSM): Highest level of shear & smallest emulsion droplet size.

  • Interchangeable shear heads
  • 3-A Sanitary standards
  • CIP design
  • Easy tri-clamp assembly
  • TEFC high efficiency motor
  • Stainless steel baseplate
  • Flows from 1 to 700 usgpm

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