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Scott Turbon Intank Batch Mixers: Top Mounted Mixer

Reduce batch mixing times, while increasing consistency and product quality with the Top Mounted Mixers from Scott Turbon. Some end users have even been able to increase product shelf life by creating tighter emulsions and smaller droplet sizes.

Scott Turbon Top Mounted Mixers are designed to quickly disperse, dissolve, hydrate, and de-agglomerate processes for a broad range of sanitary industries and applications.

  • Retrofit-able to existing tanks
  • Processing volumes from 1 to 6000+ gallons
  • Used on open or closed tanks, totes, and drums
  • Interchangeable mixing heads
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) design
  • Meets 3-A Sanitary Standards

Typical Applications

Dispersion, De-agglomeration, Dissolution, Suspension, Reaction acceleration, Particle size reduction, Homogenization, Emulsification.


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