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Scott Turbon Intank Batch Mixers: Mixer Heads

Scott Turbon has extensive experience designing and manufacturing mixing systems for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care industries.

The Scott Turbon Mixing Head has revolutionized the high-shear equipment market. The high performance design simultaneously pulls product from the bottom of the tank while pulling down free floating ingredients from the top. The unique mixing head provides great horizontal and vertical batch flow which ensures the product will be evenly sheared and dispersed. The head assembly design allows for easy removal or cleaning in place.

The Turbon mixing system works with three interchangeable mixing blades. Adjust the amount of shear induced in the batch with blades that can be alternated.

  • The “A” head is ideal for powder dispersions, dissolutions, and thin oil emulsions. The “A” head can achieve the smallest particle size of our mixing heads.
  • The “B” head works best in thick applications. The defining large diameter disc helps increase flow characteristics in the batch, allowing more product to flow and shear through the processing pump. This head is regularly used on salad dressings and other thick emulsions.
  • The “C” head is the low shear option from Scott Turbon and is well suited for shear sensitive products. Acting more as a pump, the C blade pushes product over a smooth surface before releasing into the batch. There are no teeth on the C blade.


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