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Scott Turbon Intank Batch Mixers: Hydraulic Ram (HR) Mixers

The Scott Turbon Hydraulic Ram (HR) Mixers are engineered and built for full scale production. The adjustable mixer height permits for a range of batch size and viscosity.  

Features & Benefits

The HR Mixer is a versatile unit that is suited for a variety of sanitary processing applications and boasts a variety of benefits.

  • Floor mounted or portable,
  • Can be used with multiple tanks,
  • Simplifies cleaning and maintenance,
  • Ability to secure portable tanks to mixer for safety,
  • UL approved control system,
  •  Interlocking safety switches,
  • Process batch sizes from 75 to 12,000 gallons,
  • Horsepower ranges from 3 to 250.

Typical Applications

The HR Mixer works well in the following applications: Dispersion, De-agglomeration, Dissolution, Suspension, Reaction acceleration, Particle size reduction, Homogenization, Emulsification.

Ask about optional features... Dual or triple shaft designs, Decks and platforms associated stairs and railings, Rotating mixing assembly for multiple tanks, Vacuum rated vessels.


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