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Scott Turbon Intank Batch Mixers: Bottom Mounted Mixer (from 5 to 12,000 gallons)

Reduce batch mixing times, increase consistency and improve product quality and shelf life with the bottom mounted Scott Turbon Mixers.

The Scott Turbon Bottom Mounted Mixers are designed for challenging mixing applications. This option offers all of the high shear features of the Top Mounted Mixers, but with the additional benefit of saving overhead space. This allows for increased operator working room.

Bottom Mounted mixers are used to eliminate long mixer shafts, where the customer has ceiling height limitations, or there are other rotating shafts in the tank.

  • Located close to the bottom of the tank
  • Ideal for premix and small batch volumes
  • Easily integrated with top mounted scrape or turbine style agitators for dual/triple motion technology
  • Batch sizes from 5 to 25,000 gallons
  • Direct and indirect drives


Typical Applications for the Scott Turbon Bottom Mounted Mixers include:
Dispersion, De-agglomeration, Dissolution, Suspension, Reaction acceleration, Particle size reduction, Homogenization, Emulsification.


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