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Rubber Fab Screen Gaskets

Rubber Fab’s fluid filtration screen gaskets provide the most comprehensive range of stainless steel mesh and filter cloth which provide for particulate elimination to protect fill and finish sterile products, spray balls, and spray nozzles. You can choose a screen gasket in a USP Class VI elastomer of fluoroelastomer in a variety of mesh sizes, 10 micron through 4 mesh.

Screen TC Gaskets

If elimination of particulates are critical to the CGMP in your injectable filled product, chromatography, columns, upstream particulate removal, downstream, filtration, consider Rubber Fab’s fluid conditioning technology.

Sock Screen TC Gaskets

Sock screen strainer designs are inserted into the I.D. of your stainless steel tubing and provide filtration for a greater soil retention.  The extended sock shaped mesh gasket offers up to 300% more open area for 300% more soil collection capability than conventional screens.

Find out more about particulate elimination with screen gaskets from Rubber Fab. Ask us about using this application in your process.


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