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Rubber Fab Orifice Plate Gaskets

Rubber Fab’s innovative line of Orifice Plate gaskets includes a comprehensive selection of solid PTFE or Tuf-Steel or 316L stainless steel molded to a Rubber Fab elastomer. They are available in standard, tabbed, and vertical Tri-Clamp styles, which can be custom drilled with an eccentric or concentric bore.

  • Steam trap mini orifice plates are an alternative option to standard steam trap technology
  • Eccentric & Concentric Drilled Plates
    • Self draining
    • Engraved tabs available
    • Electropolished finish available 10RA or better
    • Custom cut patterns available

Safety Consideration

Rubber Fab’s orifice plates can advance your systems performance, adjust flow rates, balance backflow, and equalize backpressure during SIP procedures. Achieve benefits while maintaining sanitary conditions.
Tabs help to acknowledge that an orifice plate is “in line” and can be laser engraved to indicate the hole diameter, gasket size or user specified information. This tabbed design of sanitary orifice plate, when coupled with Rubber Fab’s slotted clamp, allows the operator complete flexibility when balancing a sanitary pipeline system.

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