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Remco Products: Brushes, Brooms, Squeegees & Handles

Remco Products are focused on developing the most hygienic and effective cleaning tools in the world. With product development emphasis on efficiency, functionality, and ergonomics, sanitation professionals have access to tools that are precisely suited for the most complex cleaning tasks.

Brooms & Deck Scrubs

Brooms and deck scrubs from Remco are designed for environments where hygiene and efficiency are essential, and come in a variety of bristle options to accommodate cleaning and sanitation efforts in any type of food production facility.

Dust Pan Sets

This set includes a dustpan and upright broom. The dustpan has no hard angles that could trap food residue or bacteria, and it can be easily disassembled and reassembled for regular washing and sanitizing.

Hand Brushes

Manual scrubbing action is essential to comply with today’s stringent food safety regulations. Hand brushes from Remco cover a wide range of scrubbing and cleaning applications, and are designed for an ergonomic grip for the user.

Tube & Valve Brushes

Even when equipment and machine parts are difficult to reach, everything must be properly cleaned in a food production environment. Tube and valve brushes are designed to facilitate cleaning in the narrowest spaces, and are also suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks such as drains, meat mincers, graters, and the like.

Vikan Bottle Brushes

The Vikan bottle brush has bristles along the sides as well as in the front. It is used in areas where a wider tube cleaning action is required or where the equipment has an end point that cannot be reached with a hand brush. These are great options for drains!

Vikan Hook Brushes

Cleaning between and around pipes is made easier with the curved design of the hook brush. The hand grip utilizes a threaded recess on the end that allows another handle to be connected to the brush.


Standing water provides an ideal environment for bacteria, and must be addressed in every food production environment. Remco offers a range of squeegees that assist in the elimination of water on any surface. Ultra hygiene options are perfect for food contact surfaces, and foam blades powerfully tackle floors and drains. When condensation forms in high places, you can effectively remove it with the unique ceiling squeegee.

Handles & Specialty Handles

With a variety of lengths and materials, you are sure to find the right handle to fit any job. Color-coded handles from Remco feature ergonomic polypropylene sleeves to provide a comfortable, sure grip. Specialty handles are available in extended lengths, flow through for overhead cleaning, and floor and drain options. These handles may be paired with any tool requiring a Euro-thread fitting.

Vikan Grout Brushes

The new grout brush is mounted with a thread adapter that can be removed for easy cleaning This brush is suitable for cleaning under equipment, between equipment, getting into corners and cleaning the crevice between floors and walls.

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