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Tru-Flo/QSM Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

When hygiene matters, choose quality stainless construction from QSM/Tru-Flo. They manufacture butterfly valves to stringent industry standards:

  • Precision machining
  • Intelligent design
  • Castings of high caliber
  • Standards and features designed for the market

From start to finish, Tru-Flo Valves are manufactured with a focus on quality.

Sanitary 316L Butterfly Valve Features & Specifications:

  • ASTM 316L grade stainless steel
  • Surface finish meets 3-A, FDA & USDA standards
  • 316L mirror finish disc provides an even flow preventing obstructions and restrictions
  • Opposing body bolt design prevents loosening between body sections due to vibration and operation, and provides positive sealing
  • Bolting is flush with body surface
  • FDA approved available options: silicone, EPDM and VITON®
  • 13-position, 304SS, spring loaded lever lock handle
  • Standard: Tri-Clamp® or Butt-Weld; other options available
  • Suitable for actuation with pneumatic, electric, or canister actuators


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