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Lee Industries Kettles

Lee Industries manufactures and designs a variety of stainless steel hemispherical-bottom kettles made to meet your processing and capacity needs. Available in multiple jacket styles, pressure ranges and modifications, all kettles are built to ASME specs.

Style D Kettle

  • Super-jacket permits both heating with steam and cooling with water
  • “D” jacket has a large annual space
  • Offers fast heating and cooling cycles
  • Most popular in a wide variety of processing applications

Style D – Super Jacket Stationary with Uniflow Coil Jacket

  • Continuous coil automatically welded to vessel straight side for exceptional bond
  • Hot or cold spots eliminated with Lee’s Uniflow coil jacket providing uniform thermal flow
  • Optional spiral jacket provides directional flow of heating or cooling medium

Style CD – Super Jacket Trunnion Mounted with Manual Tilt

  • Trunnion mounted and pouring lip for tilt-pouring
  • Outlet or valve may be added to bottom for draining
  • Positive latching meets federal safety standards
  • Lee Industries kettles standard features

Style CHD – Super Jacket Trunnion Mounted with Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Identical design to the manual tilt model
  • Hydraulic titled trunnion kettles available in capacities ranging from 25 to 1,000 gallons

All Lee Kettle Styles Feature:

  • Traditional high-polished sanitary finish
  • Sanitary flanged rims
  • All stainless steel product contact parts

Lee Kettle Outlet Features:

  • Exclusive Lee designs permit shorter outlet fitting
  • Sanitary Acme threaded or tri-clamp ferrule provided on stationary kettles

Lee Kettle Support Features:

  • Stainless steel pipe legs with fixed floor flanges
  • Available on stationary and tilting kettles

Lee Kettle Trunnion Style Features:

  • Free-pouring spout
  • Tilt handle on CD style
  • Hydraulic tilting on CHD


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Lee Industries Kettles

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