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Lee Industries Ball Valves

Lee Industries ball valves are precision made.  They are designed for rigid corrosion-resistant, sanitary applications in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beverage, and chemical industries.  Cleanup and maintenance costs are substantially reduced due to the unique, simple design that allows extremely fast breakdown, by hand, no special tools required.  

Multi-Port, In-Line Fluid Flow Ball Valves   

  • All stainless steel and Mica-Filled Teflon construction Type 316 product contact parts
  • Two piece totally encapsulating Mica-filled Teflon seals eliminate voids in which product may accumulate
  • Valve port fully nominal diameter
  • Unobstructed product flow
  • Handle doubles as a wrench to tighten packing nut
  • Easily disassembles in less than thirty seconds

Flush-Type Fluid Flow Ball Valves

  • Meets 3A standards
  • Approved by USDA
  • Each valve is tested before shipment.  Maximum working pressure is 300 PSIG
  • Maximum working temperature is 450 degrees F.
  • Face-to-face dimension is interchangeable with sanitary plug valves
  • In-line adjustment to compensate for seal wear


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