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LAUFER Valve Technology Inc. (LIAG)

LAUFER Valve Technology Inc. (LIAG)

LAUFER Valve Technology Inc. (LIAG) offers EHEDG certified and 3-A compliant hygienic sanitary shutter (ARC) valves and pigging equipment.

The design and quality of LIAG products meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. The valves have no dead pockets, are CIP/SIP-able, pig-able, and easy to maintain, with limited number of wearing parts. 


The LIAG products include a complete and effective product recovery system, including launching and receiving stations, diverting valves and pigs designed to pass through standard bends. LAUFER Valve Technology, Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of LAEUFER International AG (LIAG), Germany

Designed with flow in mind the LAUFER Customized Shutter Valves offer a variety of benefits for maximizing product safety for aseptic processing. 

LAUFER Free Flow Shutter Valves

Designed according to hygienic guidelines, the LAUFER Free Flow Shutter Valves meet stringent demands for sanitary processing applications.

LAUFER Pig Diverter Shutter Valve

With zero dead pockets and a hygienic design, LAUFER Pig Diverter Shutter Valves ensure that no products remain in the valves during operation. 

LAUFER Pigging Systems

The LAUFER DMV Pigging System is hygienic, modular and efficient.

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