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Habonim Series 48 TuBore Ball Valve

The 48 Series TuBore  line is Habonim’s line of hygienic ball valves for the pharmaceutical, food,  beverage and other sanitary applications. These valves comply with ASME BPE standard for applications where sterility, cleanability and drainability are necessary for proven product quality.

Key Features

  • Tube bore
  • Soft parts are FDA approved
  • Low ferrite
  • Low sulphur
  • Outstanding metal surface finish A fully encapsulated body seal provides an improved seal under fluctuation temperatures and pressures

The TuBore valve port diameter is identical to the tube inner diameter, therefore no expansion or contraction can take place inside the system resulting in full drainage and no traces that could result in contamination. The TuBore line excels at maximum flow capacity and minimum pressure drop and provides low-torque tight shutoff. The TuBore series is grouped into three geometric designs according to the ASME BPE, DIN 11850 and ISO 1127 tube dimension specifications.

Only FDA and USP Class VI compliant polymers or elastomers are used in the TuBore series. To avoid rouging on austenitic stainless steel surfaces and corrosion attack on welding areas, low ferrite cast or forged bar materials are utilized and polished. Upon request, electro-polished surface finishes are available. Purge and drain ports are available upon request to help with CIP/SIP operation. Diverter and various multiport configurations based on the TuBore model are also available.

Cleaning, assembling, testing and packaging are all done by Habonim with extreme hygiene in mind. These processes are stringent procedures executed in a cleanroom environment. 


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