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Habonim is a leading manufacturer of ball valves and pneumatic actuators. With decades of experience they are held in high regard for their dedication to high quality, innovation and engineering expertise and offer the customized solutions and services the sanitary segment demands.

Habonim valves provide ideal solutions for a broad spectrum of tasks in sanitary processing environments and are designed to comply with varying limits on emissions. They offer products that are safe for a sterile work environment and are well known for their quality, efficiency safety and well-documented success. 

Habonim Pneumatic Actuator

The Compact actuator from Habonim has emergency shutdown applications and comes with a 7-year warranty, standard, due to its high performance and superb reliability.

Habonim Series 48 TuBore Ball Valve

Safe and sterile, the 48 TuBore Series is the Habonim line of clean ball valves for the pharmaceutical and other sanitary industries.

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