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Federal Net Weight Filling Machines

Federal’s Net Weight Filling Machinery provides customers with multiple filling valves for manufacturing efficiency.

The net weight filling machines are available with multiple filling valves to suit container sizes and speeds. Using load cells or mass flow meters, these net weight fillers and equipment incorporates the AcuFill operating systems. In addition to standard features, the net weight filling machinery and net weight fillers incorporate operator interface software.

  •  Net Weight Filler Equipment Inline: Features to ensure customers reach positive results and efficiency in production.
  •  Net Weight Filler Equipment Food & Beverage Industry: With a compact footprint, these machines ensure reliability and safety.

Partner with Rodem and Federal Filler for all of your liquid filling system need. The durable and innovative design ensures end-product safety for consumers.  Learn more about the Net Weight Filling Machines and the Level Filling Machines by contacting a Rodem Representative.


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