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Federal Level Filling Machines

With Federal certified fillers customers receive reliable, durable equipment for quality processing.

All of the level filling machines offer precision and speed for a quality, efficient manufacturing process. Level filling systems and level fillers are available in various sizes. Designed to meet your manufacturing environment requirements, these machines are constructed of durable stainless steel.

  • Level Filling Equipment Small: Designed for small bottles with the GEM Screw Capping System.
  • Level Filling Machinery Mid-Size: Features the E-Series filling valves to keep products safe and sanitary.
  • Level Filler Equipment Modular Series: Designed for efficiency, this series features speed and precision.

Partner with Rodem and Federal Filler for all of your liquid filling system need. The durable and innovative design ensures end-product safety for consumers.  Learn more about the Level Filling Machines and the Net Weight Filling Machines by contacting a Rodem Representative. 


Speak with a Rodem representative to learn more about custom filling systems by completing our online form or calling us at 855-208-5835

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