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Federal Fillers Integrated Systems

When your process requires specialty machinery, Federal has the perfect solution. The specialty filling systems are certified to display the 3-A symbol for sanitary design, construction, and materials. Features on the specialty filling systems include the Class 100 HEPA enclosures, the E-Series filling valves, programmed exterior sanitizing system, and more.
The bottle sanitizers ensure products remain safe and secure for customer satisfaction. As a part of the specialty filling machines, when you need quality machinery with a long lifetime and durability, the bottle sanitizers are the perfect addition to your manufacturing line. The specialty filler systems are safe, sanitary, and reliable.
ESL Systems Extended Shelf Life:  The ESL is designed to incorporate additional components to provide extended product shelf-life.
Designed with your products in mind, partner with Federal to meet your product requirements with the specialty filling systems. Learn more by contacting Rodem.

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