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Federal Fillers Capping Systems

When you need safe and secure capping systems, Federal has a wide range of machinery.
Capping systems available for snap and snap/screw caps, heat seal foil, rotary servo drive spindles, and GEM II. Federal has been producing capping machinery since 1946. Producers, retailers, and consumers demand the highest possible product quality, tamper-proofing, and assurance that the bottle’s contents will not leak during transportation. This has lead to the popularity of screw-on plastic closures.

Capping Systems Designed to:

  • Provide industries with bottle capping seals that ensure customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity and time efficiencies
  • Feature hysteresis heads, stainless steel construction, Allen Bradley PanelView and PLC, and much more

Capping Equipment Monoblock: This machine is durable and reliable, featuring efficient productivity and precision.
Capping Equipment Freestanding: This system provides a consistent screw capping operation over extended production periods.
Capping Equipment Custom Cappers: Federal can customize capping equipment to fit your product requirements.
Federal capping machinery meets capping needs with precision, safety and speed. Choose Rodem to find the capping equipment to meet your process needs.


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