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Dairy Conveyor Case Handling Conveyor & Equipment

Dairy Conveyor Corp is an expert at handling standard dairy cases.  Since 1954, the mainstay of their business has been designing, building, and installing case handling systems.
Empty case distribution systems are normally elevated sections of sealed stainless steel pan conveyor in which the cases are conveyed by plastic coated cable or a variety of chains. Complimentary equipment completes the system to deliver cases in the appropriate quantities to the various points of use in your plant.
Full cases, singly and in stacks, are handled on “knee-high,” “on-floor” or “in-floor” conveyor systems that delivers cases of product from the fillers to the milk cooler and then to the order load-out doors.
Dairy Conveyor offers a variety of rugged standard and custom-made components. For unmatched reliability to resolve your most challenging problems, count on Dairy Conveyor and Rodem.

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