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Carlisle/Sparta Spectrum: Brooms, Brushes, Handles & Squeegees

Make plant hygiene simple with the proper equipment from Carlisle Food Service Products. Experts in the industry, Carlisle has developed sanitation solutions specifically for the food processing industry. These products can be incorporated into a color-coded program to prevent cross-contamination, or can be used individually. Either way they are created with compliance in mind and will help maintain a safe and hygienic processing facility.

Carlisle & Sparta Spectrum Products are made from FDA-compliant Materials

  • Angle Brooms
  • Floor/Push Brooms
  • Bottle, Jar & Jug Brushes
  • Pipe Brushes
  • Tank & Kettle Brushes
  • Wall & Equipment Brushes
  • Handles
  • Squeegees

Discover the many ways to improve plant hygiene with Carlisle and Rodem. We have the tools you need.

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