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Axiflow Technologies, Inc.

Axiflow Technologies, Inc., in partnership with Jung Process Systems, brings the sanitary market a revolutionary pumping technology that sets a new benchmark for a variety of pumping applications. They combined German precision engineering with American innovation and process Experience. The Axiflow pumps offer viable solutions to many difficult process problems often experienced with positive displacement pumps.

Twin Screw Pumping Technology has proven to be a viable alternative for transferring multiphase products and designed to be capable of running at much higher speeds than conventional positive displacement pumps. The Axiflow Solution far exceeds current industry standards and expectations.

Axiflow maintains 3A and EHEDG certifications for all pumps in their offering. Whether your needs call for timing product through a high pressure drop pasteurizer, stuffing a homogenizer with a high viscosity liquid, or simply transferring a shear sensitive slurry or emulsion, give Axiflow a try. Explore this revolutionary technology today and ask us about a demo pump for testing in your facility!

Axiflow STS Standard Series Pump

Save money with the flexibility of the Axiflow sanitary twin screw pump, which allows one single pump to handle the duty of many. 

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