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SPX V² Series Centrifugal Pumps

The V² Centrifugal Pump is a simplified and maintenance-friendly centrifugal pump featuring a four-blade, fully open, non-clog impeller, the optimum design for sanitary service.


  • Meets all standards:  3A, BISSC, USDA Meat and Poultry Division
  • Choice of seal types to accommodate various applications and ensure optimum seal performance
  • Hydraulically balanced and externally mounted
  • Engineered for in-place cleaning


  • Food, dairy, beverage, bakery, meat and pharmaceutical

Years of intensive product development on a worldwide scale has enabled SPX/APV to offer a complete range of hygienic pumps. Learn more about SPX/APV hygienic pumps including the PUMA+ Series and W+ Series Centrifugal pumps by calling a Rodem Representative today. 

Rodem is one of the select few distributors in the United States that is designated as a Pump Super Center. SPX/APV has the complete range of hygienic pumps to match a diverse range of processing requirements and Rodem has the pumps, parts, and service kits in stock.


Speak with a Rodem Representative to learn more about our pumps today by completing our online form or calling us at 800-543-7312.

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