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SPX Rotary Lobe Pumps - DW Series

More Pump For Your Money

The DW pump range is so efficient that in medium viscosity applications a smaller pump size than usual will do the job.  This reduces both initial investment and running costs.  Additionally no other rotary lobe pump on the market today offers such a wide range of features in one pump.

Features & Benefits

  • High Volumetric Efficiency, A smaller pump size can be selected for medium viscosity applications.  
  • Ultra-Hygienic, Accommodates Harsh CIP-Cycles
  • Pulse-Free Performance, The pulse-free performance ensures a consistent process flow, which is required in connection with filling machines.  It also safeguards valves and other equipment that can be damaged by pressure surges.
  • Low NPSH-Requirement, the improved suction capacity in combination with the absence of pressure pulsations make the DW pumps ideal for many applications, such as ultra-filtration
  • Gentle Product Handling, the rotor designs available ensure maximum product integrity and minimize risk of potential damage to sensitive products. 
  • Easy Maintenance, easy-to-access front loaded mechanical seals reduce maintenance time considerably.  All shaft seal O-rings are identical, and access to the shaft seal is achieved by simply removing the front cover and the rotors. 
  • Low Noise Levels, patented rotor design practically eliminates hydraulic noise and the helical gears minimize gearbox noise
  • Global Design, complies with EHEDG and the 3A hygiene standards.
  • High Capacity, capable of pumping up to 268 gal/100revs


  • Dairy, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical

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