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SPX HT 680 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Whether it is heat sensitive products or products with large particulates, SPX scraped surface heat exchangers are your solution for heating and cooling. 


  • Horizontal cylinder arrangement mounted on a frame.
  • The dasher is supported in both ends outside the product area, which makes the dasher pressure balanced.
  • Heat transfer surface:  0.87m² (9.4 ft²)


  • Shaft seals are standard APV pump type for easy maintenance
  • Product and service connections do not need to be disconnected for maintenance.

Field of application

  • Dairy and food industries

Find out if a scraped surface heat exchanger from SPX is the solution for your high viscous or heat-sensitive product.  Learn more about all the SPX scraped surface heat exchangers including the HDRT/HEXRT and VT+/HT+


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