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SPX HDRT and HEXRT Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger


The HDRT and HEXRT heat exchangers are designed to handle high viscosity products in heating, cooling, crystallizing, and freezing applications. This heat exchanger features a horizontal cylinder arrangement based on a rigid construction with demountable cylinder end doors and strong bearings outside the product area to support each dasher end. The RT appellation means that the gear motor is flanged direct on to the SSHE cylinder module.


  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Crystallizing and freezing for dairy, food, and other sanitary processes


  •  High-precision machined and polished Duplex quality and Bimetal cylinders
  •  Suitable for evaporative refrigerants
  •  Product pressure up to 30 bar
  •  Various dasher diameters, scraper blade types and configurations, as well as powerful dasher motors

Find the SPX scraped surface heat exchanger for your viscous or sticky product heating or cooling needs. Learn more about all the SPX scraped surface heat exchangers including the HT 680 and VT+/HT+.


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