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SPX DELTA SW4 Single Seat Valves

Efficient and Flexible

With a focus on uncompromised cleanability, modular design and ease of maintenance, the DELTA SW4 valve also features concepts that minimize valve weight and dramatically improve both shaft seal and seal life.  As a result, installing the valve is a true investment in efficiency and production flexibility.


  • Dairy, beverage and brewing industries, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Features & Benefits

  • Wear resistant elastomer/PTFE shaft seal and bearings increase seal lifetime
  • Profile seals with marking for easy identification
  • Extra wall thickness of valve housing reduces stress in the seat area
  • Metallic stop provides for defined compression of seat seal
  • Many different housing configurations
  • Clamp closure provides for quick and easy valve maintenance
  • Ball shaped housing prevents sump or dome, reducing CIP cleaning times
  • 3-A approved and EHEDG certified


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