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Anderson-Negele Pasteurization Controls

Anderson-Negele’s line of pasteurization controls ensures you meet health codes and operate a safe pasteurization process.
AV-9900 HTST Recorder Controller: The new AV-9900 is specifically designed for use in continuous pasteurization applications. It combines failsafe protection for the pasteurization process with the broadest range of configuration options ever available in an HTST control package.
GB “JD” Differential Pressure Switch: The Anderson-Negele JD Differential Pressure Switch satisfies all legal requirements for differential control of regenerated pressures.
AJ/CT8V/SA Vat Pasteurization Controls Package: Vat Pasteurization Electronic Controls Package replaces traditional mercury in glass thermometers and complies with the applicable provisions of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).
FD “DART” Digital Reference Thermometer: AC powered digital thermometer that complies with the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance for milk pasteurization and 21 CFR 113.4 for retort applications.
IZMS Magnetic Flowmeter: The IZMS magnetic flowmeter is the ideal choice conductive fluids and slurries. Measurement accuracy is unaffected by product viscosity, density, temperature, and the presence of suspended particulates and solids.
Milk Receiving System: Milk receiving system provides an accurate measurement of incoming milk from bulk trucks and trailers that are suitable for custody transfer.
Trust Rodem and Anderson-Negele with your pasteurization process with controls you can count on.

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