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Ampco SB SBH Blenders and SBI Pump

Ampco's SB Series Blenders offer a number of advantages to help provide a consistent blend quality in the most efficient manner

  • Uniform and repeatable product batches
  • Reduce process times
  • Application-specific adjustability for custom fine-tuning of the end product
  • Familiarity and ease of design (front loading seal)
  • Applicable for small laboratory or large-scale production
  • Front-loading mechanical seals (single and double)

The SB Shear Blender is Ampco’s Adjustable Multi-Tasking Unit
The SB Shear Blender offers flexibility for a variety of solutions.  The clearance of the Ampco SB Shear Blender can be adjusted with the use of simple shims to get the blend quality desired.  This reduces damage, prevents overheating and lowers power consumption.  The SB Shear Blenders have tapered teeth and allow easy adjustment to suit your application. The Ampco Shear Blender is perfect for the inline mixing of premixed products and can also be used to minimize undissolved particles or to achieve the specified final mix.

The SBH Shear Blender is Ampco’s High Shear Mixer
When the highest possible product shear is required, the SBH Shear Blender offers tightened clearances and the media goes through several shearing stages.  This improves the solution quality, for example by reducing the size of crystals for quicker solubility. The Ampco Shear Blender SBH ensures smoother product consistency and texture, uniform blending and repeatable mixing results in all processes.

SBI Shear Pumps -Blend and Pump in a Single Stage
The Ampco SBI Shear Pump provides the ability to pump and blend at the same time.  The SBI Shear Pump moves the product with considerable capacity and pressure capabilities.  This is achieved through a hybrid design of a fine-tuned impeller paired with two rows of rectangular shear teeth.  Users will be surprised at the performance of this pump as a replacement to a feed-pump and blender setup for certain applications.

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