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Ampco PI Powder Inducer

The Portable Solution To Your Inline Induction Needs

Utilizing Ampco’s self-priming pump, the PI Powder Inducer is a portable solution to your inline induction needs.  The robust cart design houses the motor starter and offers a sturdy staging table for the dry or liquid ingredients.  The hopper is removable for easy cleaning and has a true 32 RA polish on the inside to ensure clean and fast induction.  The cart is of 304 stainless steel construction, and the casters are true washdown-safe with stainless steel bearings.

The PI Powder Inducer is 3-A certified and available in three sizes.


  • Dairy, Beverages, Food, Personal Care, Thickeners, Ingredients and Additives, Bio-Pharmaceutical

Find out how to reduce processing times and costs with the PI Powder Inducer, the PM Powder Mixer, AC+ Dry Blenders and the SB/SBH Shear Blenders from Ampco.


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