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Ampco M Series Pumps

Heavy duty M Series pumps offer high efficiency performance and are a favorite of OEM’s for sanitary and non-sanitary applications.  M Series pumps, modified with the proper seals, elastomers and sleeves, are ideally suited for hot oil applications.


  • 3A Certified
  • Seal Options
  • Efficient, semi-open impeller design
  • Standard 32 RA (150 grit) surface finish with optional surface finishes
  • Minimum NPSH requirements
  • Temperatures to 400 ° F
  • Close coupled to NEMA Standard JM motors
  • One Week Delivery


  • CIP, Water, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Milk, Hot Oil

Learn more about the complete line of Ampco’s Centrifugal Pumps including the AC/AC+ Series, the L Series and the D Series by contacting a Rodem Representative.

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