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Ampco AC+ Dry Blenders

Get consistent and quick blending with the Ampco AC+ Dry Blender series.
The AC+ Dry Blender is designed to thoroughly and efficiently blend dry ingredients with liquid ingredients. Lumping, foaming and fisheyes are eliminated.
The AC+ Dry Blender uses the proven design of a tube within a tube and a centrifugal pump, but with the improved shaft and threaded impeller nut construction of the AC+ pump.
The tube within a tube design keeps dry ingredients and liquids separated until they are introduced in the mixing chamber while maximizing induction vacuum.

Dry ingredients are introduced without excess air so lumping and foaming does not occur. Fast, uniform and continuous material absorption up to 350lbs/min.

  • The AC+ Dry blender can be easily integrated into current process systems.
  • AC+ Blenders are also suitable for liquid to liquid applications.

See how you can get consistent blending with every batch with the Ampco AC+ Dry Blender.

Learn more about the complete line of Ampco Blenders and Mixers including the PM Powder Mixer, the PI Powder Inducer and the SB/SBH Shear Blenders by calling a Rodem Representative today.

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