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Alfa Laval Unique PMO Mixproof Valves

Alfa Laval PMO mixproof valve technology allows CIP solutions to clean one valve seat while product runs in the opposite housing—virtually eliminating CIP downtime so processors can increase production while maximizing floor space and resources.

Improve Production & Maintain Product Integrity

The Alfa Laval Unique PMO Valve offers proven mixproof technology to eliminate cross contamination, while improving overall production safety, hygiene and output.  Some of the benefits of the Alva Laval Unique PMO Valves are detailed below:

  •  Low cost of ownership: low maintenance costs, fewer utilities, easy repair and reduced spare parts inventory.
  • More uptime: the Spiral Clean allows you to continue using one flow path while cleaning the other, helping avoid costly unscheduled interruptions.
  •  Greater Flexibility: pay for the exact needed features, providing maximum return on investment.
  •  Reliable Operation: guided and protected radial seal, provides long-lasting operation.
  •  Optimized Maintenance: designed for quick, easy maintenance. 
  •  Easy to Clean: SpiralClean system provides fast, more effective cleaning even under difficult conditions.

Partner with Rodem and Alfa Laval Mixproof Valves for a smart solution for your process.

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