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Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof CP-3 Valve

The Alfa Laval Unique mixproof CP-3 valve faithfully lives up to its pedigree, offering dairy processors optimum hygiene and legendary performance. A noteworthy innovation: the Unique mixproof CP-3 valve features a reduced-diameter leak detection vent that make the valve more compact and lightweight.

An efficient, sustainable mixproof valve

The Alfa Laval Unique mixproof CP-3 valve is engineered with the latest efficiency and sustainability principles in mind. A fast and efficient actuator requires a smaller volume of air to execute seat lift and seat push, resulting in low air consumption and minimal CIP fluid loss.
The valve seat is designed with throttling edges on the upper and lower seat plugs, which accelerates cleaning fluid to improve CIP efficiency and uses the absolute minimum amount of CIP fluid.

Reduce cost of ownership and downtime

The Alfa Laval Unique mixproof CP-3 valve provides lower cost of ownership and downtime. Only two seals are located in the valve chamber, which enables faster cleaning of the valve during seat lift and requires less seal spares. When the valve is open during actuation, the lower seat seal is not exposed to wear, resulting in longer seal life. Each valve has a modular design and shares common components with standard Alfa Laval Unique PMO valves of similar size.

One mixproof valve brings safety to all hygienic process types

Not just a dairy valve, the Alfa Laval Unique mixproof CP-3 valve is a reduced-vent mixproof valve. Designed to be configurable, it protects your product no matter the hygienic process type.

The Unique mixproof CP-3 valve not only complies with 3-A Sanitary Standard 85-02 for seat-lift cleaning, but also complies with the FDA Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO), while covering all mixproof dairy, food and beverage applications that require 1½” through  6” port sizes.


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