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Alfa Laval Tri-Clover Unique Sampling Valve

Alfa Laval’s Unique sampling valve makes it possible to obtain representative samples of food, beverage, personal care, and pharmaceutical products. These reliable single-seat and double-seat valves contribute to product quality and offer budget-friendly sampling.

High operational reliability

Alfa Laval Unique single-seat and double-seat sampling valves meet the requirements for high quality product extraction in a variety of hygienic processes. Both provide high accuracy, exceptional reproducibility of sampling, and excellent reliability.

Enhanced cleanability

All Unique sampling valves feature a valve body made of a single piece of stainless steel, providing smooth, crevice-free surfaces. Because no welding is required, the risk of pore formation and cracking in the welds and subsequent risk of bacterial build-up is eliminated.

Easy to operate and maintain

The customary, ergonomically designed handle provides exceptional control and convenience during operation. Replacing the membrane seal is straightforward; loosening the handle and lifting off the membrane is all that is required.
The Unique sampling valve range comprises four valve configurations, single and double seat, available with actuator. Ask us how it works.


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