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Alfa Laval ThinkTop

Boost reliability while lowering operating cost with the Alfa Laval ThinkTop.  Engineered for operation in nearly any environment, the ThinkTop offers a powerful, reliable and dependable control unit that provides exceptional surveillance and control of the fluid handling process.  ThinkTop is designed for the dairy, food, beverage, and biopharm industries.

Safe and Effective Features

Reduce human error while increasing product efficiencies.  Individual pre-set tolerance bands and no need for manual adjustment of feedback sensors helps to prevent contamination and increase productivity. This promotes longer valve service life and more uptime.

Cost-Effective Features

Upgrading older valve automation can significantly lower investment, boost plant performance and cut operating cost, adding more to your bottom line.

Flexible Features

No-touch, set-and-forget sensor system with up to three solenoid valves, can be easily re-programmed.  Sensors are fashioned into the control head and are less sensitive to the effects of temperature, vibration and pressure shock.

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