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Alfa Laval SMP Mixproof Valve

Increase operating efficiencies and minimize operating costs with the Alfa Laval SMP Mixproof Valve. Alfa Laval SMP Mixproof Valves are standardized, cost-effective alternatives to Unique Mixproof Valves.  The SMP valves are ideal for handling sanitary process flows through matrix piping systems.

Economic Mixproof Valves

The Alfa Laval SMP-BCA Mixproof Valve is designed for safety and leak detection when two different products flow through only one valve.  This valve is specially designed for aseptic applications with the highest hygienic demands.  Alfa Laval SMP Mixproof Valves are operated by means of compressed air.  The valve is an aseptic double seat valve with PTFE diaphragm which does not allow product residues to build up on the product contact surface. It is often used as a part in CIP return lines or other systems not experiencing pressure spikes offering leakage detection for greater safety. 

  • High application flexibility with customizable configuration
  • Simple to maintain
  • Complies with most hygienic standards

See if a SMP Mixproof Valve from Alfa Laval can help you reduce operating costs. 

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