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Alfa Laval FrontLine Plate Heat Exchangers

The Alfa Laval FrontLine is a premium range of heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage and other sanitary applications. It is ideal in applications that require gentle product treatment, long operating time, superior cleanability and is the first choice for heat sensitive materials. 

Compact & Efficient 

The Alfa Laval FrontLine Plate Heat Exchanger provides a compact and efficient heat transfer solution used for a variety of applications including:

  • Pasteurization
  • General cooling/heating of dairy, brewery, beverage and food products
  • Heating/cooling in the pharmaceutical industry

Design Features Offer Flexibility

The FrontLine unit is designed for efficient and optimal high heat transfer at a given pressure drop.  

  • The plates are reversible and have parallel flow, which means only one type of gasket is needed. 
  • The frame and support column have adjustable feet and the unit is equipped with ball bearing washers to allow the opening and closing of the unit. One unit may contain multiple heat exchangers.
  • The plates are designed to meet the highest requirements in food processing, and the ports are designed enabling cleaning in place (CIP).

The FrontLine Plate Heat Exchanger is designed for the processing demands of the sanitary industry. The efficient design makes it quick and easy to modify in the event of process conditions change, offering the processor additional flexibility. 


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