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Alfa Laval Check Valves & LKC UltraPure

Alfa Laval offers a line of highly reliable check valves that ensure single directional product flow through process lines.

  • Provide protection for process equipment
  • Prevent reverse flow and pressure surges
  • Eliminate system shutdown

Check Valves

Specially designed for use in stainless steel pipe installations, LKC-2 non-return valves prevent the reverse flow of fluids. Widely used in various processes throughout the sanitary industry, these standard non-return valves are safe and highly reliable.

LKC UltraPure

Designed to meet the specific demands of the biotech, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries, the LKC UltraPure non-return valve provide safe, easy installation and high, consistent quality.
These valves are easy to install and are designed to handle maximum product pressure. Reach out to Rodem to learn more about Alfa Laval’s line of Check Valves. 


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