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Alfa Laval A49-42 Vacuum Breaker

The Alfa Laval A49-42 Vacuum Breaker helps insure that pressure is never lowered by vacuum,  which could cause a mixing of pasteurized and non-pasteurized products.

Both manual vacuum breakers and automated units are available from Alfa Laval and Rodem. Manual vacuum breakers must be removed and cleaned separate from the system, similar to a manual valve, but automated vacuum breakers can be cleaned in place.

Key Features: 

  • Available in 2”
  • Valve is positioned at the high point of the piping
  • Air enters as the vacuum pulls o the diaphragm
  • COP, or cleaned separate from the system
  • 3A Compliant

Reach out to a Rodem Representative to learn more about Alfa Laval’s A49-42 and their other vacuum breaker valves the Unique 7000 & B44MP.


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