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Pump Refurbishing

Pump Refurbishing

Pumps are a costly investment, but Pump Refurbishing by Rodem helps you get the most out of every dollar! You can only repair a pump so many times. After that, a basic rebuild simply won’t provide the performance or longevity you need. Why opt for a replacement when there’s possibly still a lot of life left in your existing pump?

Extend Your Pump Life with Pump Refurbishing

  • Rodem restores your pumps to like-new condition.
  • Every pump is thoroughly inspected prior to refurbishment.
  • A detailed report tells you exactly what needs to be done, and how much it will cost.
  • Refurbished pumps are restored to factory specifications, right down to the paint.
  • On average, refurbishing is half the cost of a replacement pumps.
  • Extend the serviceable life of pumps, making them a better investment.
  • Keep pumps running at peak efficiency, making your lines more productive.

Savings from 25%-75% off from Buying New

Our customers have experienced savings from 25-75% off buying new with our Pump Refurbishing process. Pumps can be refurbished up to three separate times to extend the life of your pump.

Discuss Rodem’s Pump Refurbishing process with one of our representatives today.

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