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Filler Service & Repair

We know your fillers are critical to your production processes. Filler service from Rodem will ensure that they work properly.

Preventative Maintenance Ensures Accurate Performance

Fillers are where productivity and product throughput are determined. With a major distributor like Rodem standing behind this service you are guaranteed prompt, cost effective service to keep your facility at top performance.

  • Factory-trained technicians can provide preventative maintenance or break-fixes and repairs.
  • All maintenance and repairs are performed on-site, saving you time from unnecessary downtime.
  • Provides thorough analysis and adjustment to keep fillers working to design specifications.
  • Maintenance and adjustment of fillers prevents illegal underfilling or wasteful overfilling.
  • Extend the service life of your fillers.
  • Enhanced efficiency keeps your line running at peak performance.
  • Rodem is one of few distributors to provide this service.
  • No waiting for service calls.

A problem with your filler is a problem with your entire production line. Rodem can quickly identify and address any problems, and get your line running again. Schedule filler preventative maintenance with Rodem and prevent a costly system shutdown.

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Excellent Installation

"We have (recently completed) process piping installation of DI Water System... the Techs do an excellent job at installing."