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Need an extra set of hands to help audit your processing facility? We can help! There are two types of audits that we perform for our customers. These audits either allow us to identify issues in the plant before they become problematic or provide additional man-power to supplement your resources.

Identify Issues before they become Problematic

An audit on your equipment functionality means that Rodem will visit your facility, evaluate your system, inventory the components for your systems and prepare a quotation to do scheduled maintenance on your CIP system, pumps, valves, homogenizers and fillers. You schedule the time and we come in with all the necessary tools and parts to evaluate your equipment. With the use of our equipment we can do performance checks on your process critical equipment.

Supplement your Manpower

The second type of audit is when we do a physical audit on the equipment in your facility. We don’t inspect functionality for this one, but rather provide you with what and how many of each item you have. We can do the audit and provide the documentation too.

Invite us over for an audit today. Our experienced technicians will prove to be a valuable asset for identifying and documenting the critical items in your facility.

Contact us to learn more about our audit services. 

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