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Wine & Spirit Processing

Rodem can take care of all of your processing needs with one call. Whether you are looking for a simple spare part, or an entire turn-key process we are your single source for high purity processing needs.
Our goal at Rodem is to make our customers the lowest cost producer with the most efficient process and highest quality end-product in mind. This is why we offer a full range of services to the Wine & Spirits processing markets. We understand the importance of maximizing profits while maintaining, and even reducing operating costs.

  • Preventative Maintenance, Repairs & Emergency Service keeps your process operating at peak efficiency and extends equipment life.
  • Process engineering with efficiency and cleanability in mind ensures maximum uptime for your lines.
  • Skilled and experienced fabrication technicians mean minimal interruption to your plant during installation.

Partner with Rodem’s full range of products and services for your distilling needs and get the most out of your production without compromising your product. Cheers!

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We care about you. We want you to be profitable and productive.  That's why at Rodem, people are our biggest asset.

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