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Brewery Processing

Brewing is a delicate balance of art and chemistry complicated by a million minor details. At Rodem, we make sure process flow, equipment specifications, and logistics are coordinated for maximum efficiency, which allows brewers to concentrate on their craft. The precision equipment we distribute and the expert advice we share gives you peace of mind knowing Rodem is right there with you. Helping you ensure great taste , reduce waste, standardize production procedures, maintain consistency, and maximize workflow is at the forefront of Rodem’s mindset.
Rodem has been selling and optimizing sanitary process systems for food and beverage facilities for more than 40 years. Our experience in the sanitary industry means we understand that your brewery’s niche, operations, equipment needs, layout, and limitations are unique – just like the brewsyou produce. That’s why we take pride in providing cost-saving turnkey and fully customized solutions. Whatever your needs, Rodem’s complete product line and expertise provide you with the flexibility you need to profit and thrive in a competitive business.

Brewery Parts and Partnerships

Drawing on trusted, long-term relationships with the best manufacturers in the business, Rodem’s lines of brewery equipment are built for agility and durability. We can recommend the right heat exchangers, hoses, fermentation tanks and other food-grade upgrades to match your brewing process and floor space. Working together with precision valves, fittings and filters, these components are designed to maintain consistent flavor, quality and freshness batch after batch.
Our wide selection guarantees Rodem can supply parts and components that not only will work with your setup, but will integrate seamlessly with your procedures and standard production routines. Our goal at Rodem is to make you the most efficient brewery possible by providing the right part at the right time for the right price.


At Your Service

At Rodem, parts are only part of the solution. Putting decades of experience and expertise to work, our process technicians are ready to work for you. Their in-depth knowledge of sanitary plant operations, and product specifications gives them industry-focused insight into the unique challenges you face. More importantly, they employ that understanding, working with your team to apply the exact products and technology you need to achieve the most elegant solutions.
Our comprehensive installation, start-up, testing, commissioning, and other value-added services assures that your equipment will be fully functional and your staff will hit the ground running. Rodem’s experts are always available for follow-up support and aftercare assistance. 

Clean and Lean

All the components Rodem sells meet stringent standards of design, production, and finishing. This meticulous attention to sanitary and hygienic considerations is key to your brewery’s quality-control process, mitigating the possibility of contamination during fermentation and storage. These strict tolerances make the products we carry especially compatible with clean-in-place that can be custom-designed by Rodem’s experts.
Let our engineers design and implement a fully automatic CIP system at your facility. Automation ensures consistent, documented sanitation, free of human errors and overuse of chemicals, leading to improved safety for employees and quality of production.

Hop to It!

Using the best components from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, Rodem can work with you to design a solution that eliminates bottlenecks, maximizes efficiency, and conforms to your production schedule and goals. Whether you’re looking to modernize your sanitary pumps or installing a new line, Rodem has the equipment and expertise you need to maintain a profitable, cost-effective operation.
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A few of the brewery products we offer include:

Ampco Pumps AC/AC+

An economical solution to a wide range of sanitary applications, offering an improved shaft design comparable to more expensive pumps and conforming to 3A sanitary standards.

Ace Sanitary Flex-Rite Hoses
Ace Sanitary Flex-Rite Hoses

Includes a wide variety of FDA quality hose products to meet your brewery needs. From rubber to PVC, these hoses are designed with a focus on the end-user’s process and providing proven engineered solutions.

These lamps work to disinfect potential viruses and bacteria using UV rays without compromising the smell, acidity, taste, or composition of the materials it cleans. Suitable as either the main method of water purification or as a backup.

Alfa Laval Butterfly Valves

Specialized valves to ensure in-batch and batch-to-batch consistency, while safeguarding product characteristics and quality. The LKB UltraPure butterfly valve is designed to meet cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and is ideal for use with low and medium-viscosity liquids.

Sani Matic Boosted Pressure Systems
Sani Matic Boosted Pressure Systems

This pressure system is designed to efficiently sanitize facilities and process equipment, supplying consistent pressure and the appropriate amount of water flow to multiple drop stations

Sani Matic Spray Balls
Sani Matic Spray Balls

Built from decades of experience in spray technology for the beverage industry, Sani-Matic Spray balls ensure efficient and dependable cleaning for your specific process requirements.

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