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Rodem Rep Call Extensions

Rodem is excited to announce that we now offer direct dialing to each Rodem employee! This means no more waiting, no more transfers and no more holds! It’s simple, call the same number you have always used and enter your contacts extension to be put directly to their line. Place an order, get a quote or request information faster by using the extensions of your contact below!

Don’t know who your Rodem contact is? No problem! You can always call our headquarters toll free at 800-543-7312 or any of our other locations and dial zero at any point and you will be routed directly to a live person who can help you find the right contact within Rodem.

Download a printer-friendly version of the extensions here to keep on hand and expedite your processing needs:

Call Extensions List

Name Ext. Name Ext.
Arlinghaus, Joe 152 Lepolt, Greg 144
Baines, Donald 211 Lepolt, Holly 156
Barnett, Mark 160 Malsom, Scott 302
Bingley, Alex 351 Mason, Dan 705
Bingley, Kevin 350 McFarland, Jason 143
Bingley, Nick 707 Milner, Laura 176
Boyle, Lisa 120 Murphy, Ken 711
Bryant, Jill 106 Newman, Bryan 216
Buchert, Lauren 179 Nickell, Karen 112
Carel, Tammy 117 Orkey, Jenni 308
Coffman, Russ 121 Perdew, Rob 322
Diener, Chris 151 Peters, Lindsay 153
Diener, Jeff 134 Pritchard, Jon 309
Diener, John 141 Pritchard, Stan 149
Diener, LeighAnn 103 Schimmel, Doris 142
Diener, Tim 116 Scott, Carrie 603
Ernst, Jeff 119 Sharber, Kristyn 218
Finke, Nancy 444 Sheltrown, Diane 158
Fravel, Jenny 320 Spinelli, Larry 136
Frey, Jim 118 Stolz, Michele 305
Goebel, Greg 310 Trauth, Kevin 148
Greene, Scott 700 Trischler, Bill 162
Grunenwald, Bill 132 Watkins, Greg 157
Henline, Ryan 604 Weber, Dan 150
Keene, Pat 111 Winter, David 217
Kerr, Katie 199 Wolinski, Pam 200
Kerr, Kenny 132 Yancey, Bridger 701
Kerr, Susan 115 Zimmerman, John 306
Korte, Tom 127 Zimmerman, John Ryan 301
Kreimer, Jacque 104    


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"Dan was the only one of multiple US based providers to come through with valves and pumps to re-fit Castlebar.”