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Alex Bingley

Alex Bingley Rodem
Account Manager

Territory: Raleigh, North Carolina

Office Phone: 855.745.0322 ext. 351

Alex Bingley is an Account Manager for North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Originally from Rugby, England, he became interested in the sanitary process industry working with his Dad, Kevin.  Educated in the Culinary Arts, Alex has been involved in the valve and process industry in one way or another for over 20 years. 

Of all the things he enjoys about the process industry, his two favorites are the people and actual process systems.  Interacting with customers, vendors, and colleagues on a daily basis, Alex says they are some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people he’s ever met, and the process systems provide a never-ending learning experience for him.  With Rodem since 2012, he shares his knowledge and experience to come up with solutions for his clients’ problems. 

Away from the office, Alex keeps busy boating, cycling, running, and motorcycling, and would like to visit the Grand Canyon one day.  

Polite, Professional and a Pleasure to Work with

"Mark and his crew took care of everything that needed attention in a swift and expert manner. It allowed for a quick and uneventful installation."