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Jeff Ernst

Jeff Ernst Rodem
Customer Service Representative

Territory: Cincinnati, Ohio

Office Phone: 800.543.7312 ext. 119

Jeff ‘Ernie’ Ernst is a Customer Service Representative in his hometown Cincinnati.  He brought a lifetime of customer service experience with him when he joined Rodem in 2010.  Jeff is a seasoned veteran of the retail food business with 36 years experience, 12 years as a store owner and nine in outside sales.  He sees his role as someone who assists the outside sales force along with any customers who contact Rodem directly.  Jeff’s response to their needs is always friendly, personable, courteous, and prompt, and he enjoys that feeling of satisfaction of helping to have taken something off of their plate. 

Jeff loves to work in the yard, golfing, and spending time with family.  He and his wife of 33 years, Sue, have three children (all college graduates, married and living in town), and are blessed with three grandchildren.  

Excellent Installation

"We have (recently completed) process piping installation of DI Water System... the Techs do an excellent job at installing."