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Bridger Yancey

Customer Service Representative

Territory: Knoxville, Tennessee

Office Phone: 800.778.0023 ext. 701

Knoxville Customer Service Representative Bridger Yancey describes his role at Rodem as someone who makes “it” happen.  “It” being orders, information, reports, and products, whatever his customers’ needs, Bridger does his best to make “it” happen in both a pleasant and rapid fashion. 

Originally from Memphis, he was in the fluid power industry for 15 years before starting at Rodem in 2010.  Bridger’s interest is kept by the sanitary process industry technology and the constant evolution of the industry.  Away from the office, Bridger loves spending time with his wife and three children, is an avid mountain biker, enjoys driving anything remote controlled, and is a fan of classics trucks. 

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