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Stan Pritchard

Area General Manager

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Stan Pritchard is the Sales Area General Manager for central and northern Indiana, central and northern Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, western Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.  Ever since completing his B.S. in Business Administration, Stan has been involved in some aspect of food production or industries that serve food manufacturing.  During the past 25 years of his career, he has been focused on solving problems with a very diverse customer and process base including dairy from fluid milk to aseptic processing, still beverages, carbonated beverages, bakery (sweet goods and bread), all types of sauces, protein processing, as well as Personal Care and Pharmaceutical processing. 

Stan has served Rodem since 1991 working with assigned Sales Reps, first as a coach and mentor, helping them bring world class solutions and products to our customers.  Stan has an extensive educational background and a broad knowledge of the industry and the products Rodem represents.  When asked why you do business with Rodem, one customer replied “One reason – Stan Pritchard.” 

Raised in Virginia Beach and North Carolina, this Southern gentleman is a proud new grandfather and enjoying it immensely.  Besides doting on his grandchild, Stan enjoys golf, wine making, boating, rebuilding anything, and spending time with his family and friends.  

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