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Candida Truitt

Candida Truitt Rodem
IT Business/Project Manager

Office Phone: 800.543.7312

Not everyone gauges success based on service to their customer but that is exactly how Information Technology Business/Project Manager Candida ‘Candi’ Truitt sees her role.  In her role, Candi’s team members are her internal customers.  Candi has an Associate Degree in Information Technology. 

With Rodem for 20+ years, she likes that the family-owned business cares about their employees, evidenced by how well they treat them and the corporate decisions they make. 

Candi and her husband, Mark, have four children, and family time is at the top of their priority list.  In addition to serving her team members and her family, Candi serves her community by helping those less fortunate, and feels that we are all just one disaster away from being in the same situation.  She offers financial coaching, advice and encouragement through budgeting and debt avoidance.  Additionally, Candi donates her time and talent to non-profits by designing and managing websites, creating and maintaining databases.

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